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Using Firefox in 7 years

I’ve been using Firefox since a long time ago. And yeah, it is better now, with many updates and issues being fixed. But, what actually changed? Why I use Firefox as my main browser until now? Keep reading, to find out.

The first time I’m using Firefox is in 2014. I’m surprised how Firefox can use much smaller memories than Chrome, which is until now, is memory hogger. Even though many plugins aren’t supported in Firefox, I don’t care about it, because I don’t use plugins at all xD! At that time, I’m using Windows 7, but mainly uses Windows XP (don’t know about support ended at that time). And it runs pretty well on both of them. I remember, having Firefox and Chrome at the same time. There were so many popups saying “Use Chrome for a better performance” etc like that. So eventually, I ended up uninstalling Chrome.

Enough Pros for Firefox, so its time to move into Cons of using Firefox. After a few days uninstalling Chrome, when I’m opening a website in Firefox, it says “Your browser is not supported, please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to access this website”. Then… I installed Chrome again, and now, it is my default browser. Nothing have changed since that time.

Until… November 2015

Computer news platform like Windows Central publishes an article said that Chrome ended support for Windows XP and Vista. I was forced to change into Windows 7. After a few months, suddenly the computer can’t be turned on. rip my laptop xD. Changed to a mini netbook running Windows 7 Starter. It has Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Brave. You guys can imagine how laggy it is. My primary browser in that netbook is Firefox, with Chrome as a backup. Firefox uses many memories, but Chrome is lagging so much, especially when opening it, but it still has better memory management.

So in that cases, if I have to multitasking, I am using Chrome. Else, when I use only one app, I’m using Firefox.

Fast forward to December 2017, Mozilla releasing Firefox Quantum. It is blazing fast. Also, the memory usage went down about 30%. Also, around that time too, my netbook died. I have no laptop until late 2019, when I bought a new laptop.

And, I’m starting to use Firefox again, after 2 years of hiatus. Firefox is fast, but not as fast as when Quantum launched. I dont know, maybe there are many new features added. Also, maybe the lag is happen because I’m using Nightly (Alpha) release of Firefox.

After all, it just a browser. Every browser has it’s own pros and cons. What do you guys think about this browser and Chrome? Let me know in the comment section! Thanks for reading, and see ya!


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