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Um, thanks for coming to my about me page, despite you will soon find that this page will waste your precious time. Anyway, if you insist, well, hello there! I’m Disil, a weirdo that blabber about tech and dumb fiction stories when I have free time. I live in Indonesia, an archipelago country that is located in Southeast Asia, and it’s well known for Bali. More people know Bali than Indonesia, which to be honest, sounds ironic.

My hobbies

I like games, especially simulation games like The Sims or Cities Skylines. But lately I’ve been into a grand-strategy game called Crusader Kings 2, a game where you became a king or emperor of a country. I already have 80+ hours of gameplay for that game, recorded by Steam.

Besides that, I’m also a newbie at Linux system. Previously, I used Windows, but after experimenting with Kubuntu, the EFI and recovery partition which is used to recover default Windows installation got broken. So, no more Windows to me. After a deep thought, I decided to use Linux full time, with pure Debian as the chosen Distro. I still have to learn a lot about it, so in case of problems, I don’t have to reinstall.

In real life, I like to sit around at my desk, and doing nothing except looking up to the sky. Ever since I saw that Clouds film, I am becoming moody every time I look up at the sky, especially when it’s pristine blue. I don’t know why, it just seems beautiful (not overexaggerating here). I want to go travel all around the world before my eventual death. Not trying to be sad, but who knows how long we live, right?

Goals for this blog

So, according to ChatGPT, I should include short & long term goals of this blog. Well, previously, my long-term objective would be becoming a popular blogger. But now, umm it’s still the same, albeit it’s not an objective anymore. It’s a dream. I mean, there is a very little percentage of blogger that somehow can make living out of it.

Anyway, my short-term goal would be exploring new kind of posts here, because to be honest, tech content is not that appealing anymore. There are a lot of sites out there that are really committed into making a tech blog, and I don’t have that kind of commitment, so yeah.

A message for you readers

Thanks for reading my blog. More so if you had actually read this blog since 2018, and following my growth. If you remember, back then (in circa 2021) my English were absolutely ugly. Just take a look at that TS2 tutorial, and you’ll find out that it relies on Grammarly, so it sounds almost okay. When I look back into my old English-based posts, I cringe ngl

Stay tuned for more content, despite I can’t promise to always write. You know, being a student, there is sometime that moment where all teachers suddenly give assignment and being chaotic in general.

I’ll update this about page regularly, if I got the right mood. Take care!


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