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Boost TS2 Performance

Even though TS2 created in 2004, there are many people still struggling to achieve stable fps in this game, myself included. Today I will show you how to increase performance in The Sims 2. The tutorial below will not guaranteed to work, as some of them need lucky xD, anyway enough chit chat, lets get straight into the tutorial.

1. Reduce your CC

I know many people use CC to beautify your game. But, as the amount of CC increased, the game will need more resource to load, so it takes a longer time to just load into main menu. Also, make sure the CC you use isn’t have so many polygons.

2. Use Hoodchecker

Mootilda at MTS has made a nifty little program called Hoodchecker. This tool will check for missing and corrupted memories, sim wants and fears, and bring back disappeared sims. After fixed, your neigborhood will became healthy, and load faster. i recommend use hoodchecker to ALL of your neighborhood. Download it here:

3. Turn off Vsync

Vsync is feature to limit your fps so it sync with your monitor refresh rate (60hz). Generally Vsync is good, except for one reason: input delay. Default, TS2 will use Vsync, but if you having lag, you can turn it off, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C in game, and type:

vsync off

The screen will become black for a few seconds, and eventually come back. To seeing your FPS, press Shift+Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+S. It will show a black rectangle with green text inside that will show your fps.

4. Limit fps to 30

This maybe sound interesting, because its contrast with the previous step. So, this step only applies if you dont see any differences with step 3. Anyway, why u should limit the fps to 30? Its because this will reduce your Graphics Card workloads. Also, most human eyes cannot see differences between 30 and 60 fps, so its not a big deal to achieve high fps.

For Nvidia users, you can open nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > program settings, then select The Sims 2 from the list. Look at the option “Max FPS”, set it to 30 FPS. Open your game, check the fps (press Shift+Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+S) and see if teh game run on solid 30 fps. If the game still running with more than 30 fps, then use Nvidia Profile Inspector to limit the fps.

5. Set priority in Task Manager

With priority set to high, system will priorities resources to TS2. To set priority, open TS2, minimize it. Then open task manager as administrators. Right click on The Sims 2, click go to details, then right click on Sims2EP9.exe, select set priority, press “High”.

That is for today tutorial. Thanks for reading, and see you in another post!


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