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Twenty Twenty Two

2022 is coming to an end. A lot of things happened in my life this year, and I’m sure you also had some important events this year. What does a year mean to our life? Have you felt productive enough this year? If not, why? How much do you cry every day? In this post, I’m gonna answer random questions about lifetime.

These are some random questions that had just popped into my mind right now while listening to In My Blood by Shawn Mendes.

My answer to the silly questions

-> What does a year mean to our life?

The 1st question is easy to look at, but hard to be answered. In my opinion, a year means a specific time when we lived (sigh, ik that isn’t the answer you all want). But seriously, think about it. As we grow, we start to feel that time tick faster. I mean, when you stare at the clock, it’s still ticking by seconds, but by observing our daily activities, we can feel that time shrink.

When I was a child, I feel every single day is long enough that I can read magazines, and novels, build lego, and even blog (short posts) 2 or 3 posts, in only about 6 hours. How about now? I feel that typing this short post has wasted 3 hours of my precious time in the front of WordPress editor.

-> Have you feel productive enough in this year?

For me, it’s yes! I have produced over 60 pieces of content on my blog, excluding the remastering project that I do on all of my posts. I’m also proud of the big redesign I had in December. It was a massive project and result in a fully usable website with no silly things, except the search bar which still needs improvement on a smaller device.

In real life, I’m proud because I can ride a motorcycle now! Here in Indonesia, everyone at my age is already good at riding a motorcycle. And as you expect, teens don’t even have the license, but they (including me) don’t care and ride them to school. The public transportation in Indonesia isn’t the best (except in Jakarta and a few other handfuls of cities), so it’s much more practical to ride a private car/motorcycle.

I’m also proud of my English skills improvement this year, especially in writing skills. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I watched YouTube videos in English almost every day in this year. If you guys are interested in what kind of videos I watched, well I often watch internet mysteries, like wavywebsurf & SunnyV2. I also liked commentary video game-style videos, like CallMeKevin. I’ll explain my habits on the internet in another post, wait for it!

-> How much you cry everyday?

This last question hits me hard, especially in the middle of this year when I chose high school. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I do not cry often, except at the night (maybe every few months) when I watch sad videos on YouTube. Crying isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out, maybe because you’re pressured or you just want to feel sad.

Plan in 2023

2023 is coming tomorrow. Maybe it’s different for you, because of the time zones, but in approximately 2 days everyone will change their calendar to January of 2023.

My plan in 2023 is to get out of my comfort zones. I want to try new things in life. One thing that I had planned is to review music & books that I read starting in 2023. Why? I want to expand my audience to a more general one, although I will still focus on the tech & fiction stuff.

I will also post more real life content in this blog, so this blog can become the successor of my Facebook profile xD.

Thank you

Beside that, I want to thank all of you guys who stayed with me for these years, and I hope the contents that I’ve put out are useful for you (and for the future time too). I also hope that my fiction stories can make you feel happy, and get real meaning from them.

This year may not be the most successful in this blog from the traffic side. But, now I have a few people who read regularly, and I’m proud of it. Stay tuned for more content! Happy new year 2023 :)


2 responses to “Twenty Twenty Two”

  1. Selamat satriaaa udah bisa naik motor 😆 semoga 2023 kamu bisa nyetir mobil huehehe


    1. hehehe tapi masih belum lincah naik motornya, belum cocok untuk standar jalan Serang wkwk


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