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Update 11 – A fresh start

I have renewed interest in developing this blog. So I do a bunch of ‘modernizing’ work in All About Disil. Today, I’m happy to announce update 11, a new start for AAD. This update brings a new features in almost all aspect of the blog, including categories, tags, template, and a lot more.

It all started when my previous attempt to move this blog into Bear platform failed, because I have no time to do it properly. Additionally, I lost interest in coding CSS at Bear. My initial attempt to imitate AAD’s template failed because I can’t create sidebar & search function there. But, I don’t want to lose the website that I’ve been worked on for 1 year, so I will put the Bear project to a hold. In the future, I may or may not continue this project. Additionally, comments system is not a thing in Bear. This is a major roadblock because I need to communicate with my audience.

So the revolution began. Instead of trying to ‘reinventing the wheels’, I choose to ‘modify the current wheels so it will fit my desire’. This is the longets update process I’ve ever done, starting from 11 December, and ended on 21 Dec. That’s a whole 10 day process. Anyway, here’s what I’ve changed:

Reinvent categories & tags

The first step I took is to reinvent the categories & tags system. At the time, every post on my blog does not have tags, only categories assigned to it. This is a bad idea, because it will reduce the SEO friendliness of my blog.

Previously, categories are used too much & too specific. After reading from online resources, it was a wrong way to organize a post. Categories should’ve just be a big spacer between a different topic, like tech & music. Meanwhile, tags is more specific. So, I deleted all of categories on my blog, then creating a categories (of course it is fewer), and carefully assigning them to posts. I still don’t exactly understand how tags work, so I used it minimally.

Media attachment decluttered

Accessibility is a mess on AAD. I never thought about it before, until sometime in 2021. But, it was too late. All of my blog post are designed to be visually looked, not being used by accessibility equipment. So, what can I do? Assigning proper media metadata.

Assigning metadata

Metadata are used for identifying information about an image. In my case, all of my image now have alt-text that will be shown if somehow the real image didn’t show up.

Removing useless images from the server

Because WordPress storage is limited, I need to save spaces. So removing images is the way to solve it fast. There are a lot of remnants from Situs Disil (my old blog) that are unuseful again, so I remove it from the website. As I post the changelog, the process is still at 10% because it is a long and tedious process.

Insert featured images

Featured images a great to be looked at & also good for SEO. And it’s great for first impression of the content. So, I added featured image for a bunch of posts that have ‘potential’ to show up on search result at Google tc.

A new template

It’s always a great time to rebrand when new year comes. In 2023 I will bring the concept of ‘retro tech’ to a reality. I like to tinker with old apps, old tech concept, and more oldies stuff. I realized that the previous font (Roboto) is too normal & everyone use it, so it looks boring. Now, I used a niche font called “Space Mono”. It’s like retro-themed computer aesthetic which is nice.

New logo

Today, I announced a new logo specifically designed for All About Disil. The old ‘dg’ logo will be kept used by Disil Groups official Facebook Page.

disil groups logo
Old AAD logo
New AAD logo

And that’s it for this month update. Actually, I have planned more change for this update, but it was long overdue the original planned date; 11 December. I hope you enjoyed this big update, and see you on another post. Have a happy holiday!


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