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Update 12 – No More Commitment

Welcome to late April 2023 update. In this month, I have rewritten the About page. I also changed the way I work on this blog, as it is kinda tiring right now.

Ending my commitment to this blog

Previously, I always pushed myself “C’mon let’s create new content for audience“”. In my hiatus, I learned that I had to delete that mindset, so I can get work done without pressure.

What does that mean? Well it mean effective from now, I will no longer post in this blog as consistent as I used to be. This blog had run it course, and my mind had already suffered from uphill-downhill motivation to write on this blog.

But that doesn’t mean I’m quitting. Obviously I still have some really cool stuff that I wanna share with you, but there is no promise to deliver stuffs again. Obviously,

New About page

So, as part of my comeback, I skimmed through my pages, one of them is the About Me page. And now I realized that it tells about the history of the blog, not about the blog. So, in the end, I recreated my About page, and it tells about my hobbies and the purpose of this blog. Hope you enjoy it.

Introducing Movies review

Because I started to realize that movies are fun (way more fun than I initially thought), I decided to create a new corner in this blog where I talk about films that I just watched.

Known issue: Ugly blog appearance on larger screen

I accidentally hold Ctrl on my keyboard while scrolling through my newly created About page, then I realize the header look ugly as hell if display is bigger. The content also didn’t resize proportionally, so it looks like a small vertical bar in bigger resolutions.

My blog on bigger resolution before fix

I have not yet planned to fix the issue, mainly because WordPress site editor is really ran slowly on my device. I think it’s because they want to implement a lot of feature into it, turning it into a WYSIWYG site designer.

That’s it for today post. Take care.


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