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I’m back

Hello! I’m back! It’s been three months since I publish posts in this blog. Today, I want to talk about what have I learned in this hiatus.

During my hiatus, I’ve finally got to experience a lot of things that previously I never do. Like, for example, watching movies. It’s kinda fun, but obviously you need to look at the age barrier, and make sure the film is good (otherwise it would’ve been a waste of time).

Let’s start to talk with a quote.

Most teenagers feel invisible, not the superman kind of invisible, but the kind of invisibility that tricks you into believing tomorrow might be a better day to start chasing your dreams.

That’s a quote that I got from a film called Clouds. Basically, the main character is called Zach, and he’s dying from bone cancer. But, in his limited, he managed to make an album with his best friend, Sammy. The film is based on a real event, which you could know more at Wikipedia.

The thing is, I’m still struggling to “chase dreams”. What kind of dream I want to chase? Is it all about college and work?

Also, I read a book that is later adapted to the film, it’s called The Fault In Our Stars. A great book that I will soon review on this blog.

In my hidden blog, I have experimented with a lot of genres, ranging from review, to just opinionizing my thoughts (I don’t understand what that means, but it sounds cool)

After 2 months of experiment, I can safely say that #thoughts type of posts will come to this blog. This is one of those things on Twitter that can make you cancelled, but I don’t care. After all, this is my blog, right? I’m the rightful owner. I started to think, “Why do I care too much about my audience?”

I don’t know what else to talk, so yeah. Welcome back to my blog, and I hope you can enjoy my future content.

This post was actually planned to be published way long time ago (I mean 3 months ago), but:

  • Mid February; but it canceled because I still got no ideas to end the Destiny story
  • 1 March; cancelled because I got severely demotivated
  • 20 March; conceiving this post
  • 14 April; (kinda) finishing this post, but no other posts is finished yet
  • 24 April; finally (and nerfing this post because it’s too wild)

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