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Update 11.1

January 2023 update is here. After redesigning All About Disil last month, I encountered many issues regarding the general usability of this blog. In this update, I (tried to) fix these issues. Read more about what changed in this post.

Regarding the serial story “Destiny”

This is a pretty bad news. I had to “hold” the serial story Destiny, because I lost the files. Originally, I had written up to the #7 part of the story, but I lose it due to my aggressive file management skill. I will continue the story next week, when I have recreated the continuation of the story.

Logo has been updated

The previous incarnation of the logo looks great, but if you look into the details, it’s all a mess. The font ‘AA’ is greyish, and the font that I used was not so great because it’s wide. I realize this mistake after I zoom in on them.

AAD logo (before contrast fix)
AAD logo (after contrast & text fix)

So, here we are! A revision of the logo that I introduced last December. I hope this logo will stay relevant, like my previous one. I changed the colours of the logo to true black, so for browsers that reverse colours for night mode, it will look right, not some kind of light grey.

Font (temporarily) changed

For the last two weeks, the Space Mono font that is used on my website didn’t appear correctly. Instead, a fallback is used, which turned my blog ugly. So a few days ago I changed the font to DM Mono, a font that is the default from the Pixl template. It doesn’t look as good as the previous one IMO, but it still got the “retro-tech” aesthetic.

Updated browser requirements

Last December, support on niche browsers like Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, and Internet Explorer ended unknowingly to me. Why? Because I think that the template look simple, and I thought “It should work fine right?”

I was wrong. From my experiment, I came to conclude that WordPress themes that is enabled with “full-site editing” is bloated with codes that apparently not much needed for simple view like this blog.

Such a simple theme/layout shouldn’t even need any js and not much css, to begin with. Perfect example of over-engineering.

Moonchild, Pale Moon browser creator – Quoted from a forum message

So what do I need to do? It seems that Pale Moon and its UXP base will fix the issues because I have contacted them and they’re tracking the problem in an issue tracker in the repository. But in the meantime, I have to say that I am forced to temporarily end blog support on UXP-based browsers, and entirely stop Internet Explorer support.

Stories page

Previously, I only used categories as a way to divide stories from other kind of posts. Now, I have created a page specifically for listing all of them.

No more 1-day update

Previously, when I post a changelog like this, the post only includes changes that happened on that exact same day. Now, I will post any minor updates that occurred during the month.

Thank you for reading the January update changelog! I hope these changes will improve your experience of reading writings on my blog. See you in another blog post!


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