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Destiny #5 – Lonely

After a gruelling match, Ayden comes to Luke. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about the results, you have done the best, dad,” said Ayden, looking at Luke, whose face is sad.

“Okay,” Luke answered. He doesn’t seem interested. Then he realized that Ayden calls him dad.

“Wait, you call me dad? That’s awesome” Luke replied and hugged him. “Thanks, Ayden, I appreciate you,”

“No problem dad, you can call me son if you want because I feel you loved me like my dead father.” Ayden ended his sentences with a cry.

“I’m not yet used to it, Ayden!” said Luke, “I’ll try to call you with son the next time, but my mind always thought you as ‘someone kid’ instead of being my own son. It’ll take times.”

A few weeks later…

As Luke focused more on his training and playing football, Ayden began to feel lonely and left out. He loved watching Luke play, but he missed having him around and he couldn’t help feeling jealous of the time and attention that Luke was giving to the game.

One day, Ayden ask Luke to play Monopoly with him when Luke is chatting on his phone.

“Hey dad, it’s been a long time since we play Monopoly. I have actually learned how mortgage work in this game! Let’s play it,” as Ayden prepared the “default money” for both of them.

“I’m sorry Ayden, but I’m discussing the preparation for the next match with my teammates. Maybe later.” Luke said, still focusing on his phone screen, not even looking towards Ayden.

Ayden couldn’t hold it anymore. It was the 3rd time he said the same sentence over & over again, and he knew that he’s ignored. His eyes start to well up with water.

He grabs Luke’s phone from his hand and throws it on the floor. It breaks.

“You’re always so busy with football, you don’t have time for me anymore!” he exclaimed, his voice shaking with anger and sadness. “I feel like I’m all alone here, while you’re off playing games and having fun with your teammates.”

Luke was taken aback by Ayden’s outburst, and he tried to calm him down and reassure him that he still cared about him.

“I’m sorry, Jake,” he said, his voice laced with regret. “I didn’t realize that I was neglecting you. Now, let’s play the Mono–“

It was too late. Ayden had consumed in anger, and he stormed out of the house, running away from Luke’s house.

“Ayden, don’t go! It’s almost dark,” said Luke, standing up from his seat, wanting to catch Ayden. But he had sudden paresthesia. “Ouch, dang it”

Luke thought to himself that he will be fine, and come home when he feel hungry. “Imma talks to him when he comes home tonight,” he said in his heart.

But Ayden didn’t go back home. At 6PM, Luke began to worry if he was really got angry with him.

“Oh, Ayden, where are you?” Luke thought in his head. Then he decides to search for him.

Before he go, he prepared hot water in a thermos and bring it to his backpack. The weather is windy, so he also brings an extra coat just in case.

Luke searched high and low for Jake, determined to find him. After almost 30 minutes, he spotted the boy sitting on the edge of a river, crying. He could hear Ayden breathing heavily, trying to keep himself warm while drowning in sadness.

Ayden sat so close to the edge of the river, that he was at risk of falling down. Luke saw him shaking and still sobbing. Luke approached Ayden slowly, not wanting to startle him.

“Hey Ayden, um, isn’t it cold here? Take this coat, you’ll be warm in no time” said Luke, trying to break the ice. It didn’t work. Ayden looked soulless, and Luke was worried.

“Yeah, it’s my fault Ayden,” Luke looked up, and stared at the sun which had almost sunk fully, leaving the skies dark blue.

5 minutes later, Ayden still kept in that same position, showing no intentions to talk with him. Luke opened the food box that he had prepared before and poured hot chocolate from the thermos.

Luke sip the hot chocolate and said “Wow, it’s very sweet. Ayden, try it. It’s delicious.”

Ayden’s mind is still being occupied by the thought of being ignored by his “dad”. “I shouldn’t have said that,” as Ayden remembered the memories of him talking with Luke’s teammates about his enthusiasm.

His mind was disturbed by Luke, who had just shaken him and said “Ayden, c’mon, you don’t want to miss this hot chocolate.”

Ayden wants to throw his emotion, but then he held himself by the thought of “being picked up from the street so I must behave well.”

Luke try to contact his eyes with Ayden’s and said “Ayden, speak. I can’t know what you want because you only stare at the flowing river the whole time.”

Finally, Ayden spoke. His deep voice comes out and said “I want you to miss the next game,” he said, his voice laced with resentment.

Luke was taken aback by Ayden’s request. “But why, Ayden? I can’t just miss a game,” he said, trying to explain. “I have responsibilities to the team and to my teammates.”

Ayden wasn’t satisfied with his answer, and he became even angrier. In a fit of frustration, he grabbed the mug of hot chocolate and throw it into Luke’s face.


“Aw man, that hurts” as Luke takes off his glasses and wipes them with his coat. “Why did you do that to me? Do your father-in-law does that kind of thing with you?”

“No, and I knew he will never do that. I want to go back to him.” Ayden stood up and ran away from Luke.

Luke stands up, and promptly grabs Ayden’s hand, to prevent him from running away.

“Please don’t go, Ayden. You’re like a son to me,” Luke said, his voice cracking. “I’ll be absent from the next game. Let’s play Monopoly and do whatever you want.”

“Do you promise?” Ayden stared at him like a gangster. His swollen eyes look like a demon to Luke, and shout “If you don’t fulfil this, I’m out.”

Luke pulled him into a hug, saying “Yeah Ayden. Anything for you. I love you and I will always be here for you.”

Then Ayden burst out laughing as he looked at Luke’s face. “Why do you laugh at me Ayden?” Luke said, touching his own face. He had realize that the hot chocolate was stills stuck there on his face, and he quickly remove it.

“Let’s go home Ayden, it’s night and cold here,” Luke said. Ayden nodded, and they got home. On the way home, Ayden listened to Luke’s shallow breath, probably because of the cold air.

“Are you okay Luke? Your nose seems to be clogged by something.” Ayden asked. Luke shook his head and said “Nothing, maybe because it is cold. I’m not so used to walking around in a cold environment like this.”

Will Luke kept his promise to miss the next game, and play with Luke? what’s the coach reaction will be? Is he angry, or he forgive him? How about his friends?

to be continued

3 responses to “Destiny #5 – Lonely”

  1. tapi lucu manggil “dad”

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  2. agak emosi sama ayden


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