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Destiny #3 – Back to the past

After the incident with the broken glasses, Luke knew that he was practically blind without them, but he didn’t want to show it to Ayden. After a lot of searching effort, he still didn’t find it.

At the same time, he didn’t want to make Ayden feels bad for him, so he acted like he was fine without the glasses. He grabbed his phone from his pocket, and unlock the phone.

“Luke, let me help you to type your messages,” Ayden said after he saw Luke bring his phone so close to his eyes. “I feel bad, Luke.”

Luke explains to Ayden that he is fine, and just wants to message something to his doctor. Luke asks Ayden to prepare breakfast. “If you want to help me, then prepare breakfast for us. I’m kinda hungry,”

He squinted his eyes so much as he tried to message his doctor for a new pair, but it was difficult to see his phone.

“Oh my god, this is so hard,” as he deletes a typo in his message. He didn’t see the alphabet on the keyboard, he only use his muscle memory to remember the alphabet.

“Dang it” he shouted. He hopes that his message will be read by the doctor, and the next morning, he can see the responses.

“Alright, done,” Luke sighed. His phone died shortly after because of a low battery.

Accidentally, he ended up sending the message to his football teammate’s online group chat instead. His former teammates react in various ways because they were confused with the message.

“Hey, what happened?” one teammate asked, with a confused facial emoji in the response.

“I have no idea,” another replied. “All he said was ‘Need new glasses ASAP.’”

“Oh, that makes sense,” a fourth teammate chimed in. “I heard that Luke had really bad vision. I haven’t heard from him for a while, and now we got this message asking for glasses.”

“How if we visit him tomorrow? Maybe he had a hard time reaching his doctor, so he send the messages to our group instead.” Lloris said, the former team captain.

At first, the other teammates were unsure. Because one time Luke had told them to not bother him again after he had retired. Lloris convince them that Luke will probably feel happy because “we helped Luke”.

After a lot of negotiation, they agreed to visit him the next morning. Lloris told the teammates to not discuss the ‘possibility of Luke coming back from his retirement’ because the team had struggled with retaining their championships victory.

As they discussed the strange message, Luke turned to Ayden and ask if he want to live in his own room or with him.

“I want to live in my room if you have a spare room because I don’t want to extrude your privacy. I can also sleep on the living room couch, that looks cosy too” Ayden said, grinning.

Luke replied “No, no- why do you want to sleep on the couch? I do have a spare room. You shouldn’t sleep on that cause I haven’t used it in a long time and it’s dirty. “

“No problem, Luke! I’ll clean it now. Don’t worry about it.” Ayden said. Then he runs to grab the vacuum machine & other cleaning tools. He asks Luke for the key to the room and began to clean them.

1 hour later, when it was almost 11 PM, he shouted “I’m finished!!” Luke woke up from his nap, and ask “What? How did you do it so fast?”

“I used to clean neighbour’s house for money, Luke. I need to clean it fast so I got tips.” Ayden proudly replied.

“Oh, that’s why you look so skilled. Let’s go sleep,” Luke spoke. “Good night Ayden, see you in the morning.”

Morning came. It is a rainy day, and Ayden had already woken up, to prepare breakfast. He wants to ensure that Luke is comfortable so he can stay in his home.

“Alright, where’s the egg?” Ayden asks himself, as he scans the fridge for eggs. He didn’t find it and he sigh.

‘Knock knock’. Ayden hears someone coming to their house. Because it is still 5 AM, he was scared that it might be a thief. He grabs a knife and walked sneakily to the door.

“Should I open it?” Ayden thought to himself. He gathers his brave and began to unlock the door lock.

“Yo, chill little boy. We’re not here for evil things.” Lloris said, who was threatened by Ayden’s knife.

“Then what’re your intentions to come here, guys?” Ayden asks with sharp eyes towards Lloris.

Lloris answered “We’re here to help Luke, our former teammate. Btw, who are you?”

“Um-um, I’m Ayden. I was adopted by Luke a few days ago.” Ayden introduced himself, “He adopt me because he saw me shivering in a cold alleyway. He asks me to live in this house, so here I am.”

Lloris nodded. “That’s awesome little boy, you had been adopted by a professional football player.”

“I already heard the story from Luke himself. So what are you guys intended to do?”

“We intend to help him get new glasses. C’mon, ask him to come here.” said one of his teammates, who wear a t-shirt with the name ‘Juan’ embroidered on it.

Ayden comes to Luke’s bedroom and shakes Luke’s body, as he says “Luke, wake up, there are your friends coming,”

Luke groggily woke up and made his way to the door. As he approached, he could hear the sound of someone pounding on the wood. He opened the door to find a group of his former teammates standing on his front porch.

“Hi, there” Luke greeted them, and wave weakly because he still felt sleepy.

“Woah Luke, you look like you need some help,” Lloris said when he looks that Luke’s hair was messy and Luke’s eyes squinting. Luke nodded shyly, and moan.

“That smells awful dude,” as Juan covers his nose from Luke’s smelly mouth. “Yeah, I’m sorry. Last night I didn’t go to brush my teeth ’cause I was so tired.”

“Btw, last night you send a message from you about ‘needing new glasses ASAP’, and we wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Luke’s face turned red as he realized his mistake from the night before. “Oh no, I accidentally sent that message to the group chat,” he said, while he scratching his head.

“Don’t worry about it,” Lloris replied, laughing. “We’re just glad you’re okay. We brought you old glasses” that you’ve left at our base a few years ago, we hope it’s still fine to wear.”

Luke smiled, as he put the glasses back. He burst into a big smile because his eyesight has turned HD again. “I can’t believe this. Y’all are there for me when I need help. That’s so sweet,”

Luke thanked them and invited them in for breakfast, which he and Ayden had prepared together.

“Breakfast ready, guys!” Luke announced, “I’m sorry it’s not healthy, but I’m running out of groceries, and that’s all I have today.”

“No problem, it’s okay Luke. C’mon, sit here. We have something to talk to you about.” Lloris said. Then Luke sat and began to eat his breakfast.

Suddenly, Lloris speak. “Luke, actually, we need your help,” urgently. “Can you come back and play for us?” said Harry, another teammates.

Luke was taken aback by the request. “What happened that you need me to play again?” Luke asked, curious.

“It’s a long story,” Lloris explained, “But the short version is that our star player got injured and we don’t have anyone to replace him. We’ve tried everyone else on the team, but it’s not working as we intended. We’re in the middle of a losing streak. We need you, Luke. You’re our only hope.”

“I’ll think about it,” Luke said, after a moment of contemplation. “But I can’t make any promises.”

“No problem, bud. But if you can, please reply to us in this week. We had to exercise for the match.” said one teammate.

Does Luke decide to come back? He is old, and he’s not in his prime anymore. But on the other hand, he saw that his teammates desperately needed him, and Luke wants to help. In the end, which decision did he choose?

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4 responses to “Destiny #3 – Back to the past”

  1. luke main bola pake kacamata?


    1. ngga aku jelasin, tapi nnti tak jelasin di seri berikutnya. (spoiler: dia main g pake kacamata)


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