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Destiny #2 – Glasses

Ayden got out of the bathroom, still dripping water. He walked to Luke in the kitchen, who was busy grilling burger patties. “Um, Luke, can I ask you something?” Luke nodded. “Um, um, I-i wanna,” Ayden stuttered to speak. “What do you want Ayden? Oh, why do you look so wet? Do you use the towel?”

“I-i don’t,” Ayden said. “The towel hanger was too high, I couldn’t reach it.” Luke chuckled and giggled uncontrollably, and said “Ayden, sorry, I was laughing. I forgot that I’m an adult and you’re a kid.”

“Yeah Luke, I knew it is funny. But I’m wet right now, can I get the towel please?” Ayden pleads to him, holding his giggle at his own short height. He had never drunk milk before, except when he was still a baby at got milk from his mother, who died when he is 6 years old.

Luke goes to the bathroom to grab the towel for Ayden and continued to cook. He forgot to turn off the grill, so the patties burnt. “Bruh”, Luke sighed as he looked at the black patties. He decides to continue with it and put it in the bread. It becomes a bunch of sandwiches instead of the burgers that he intended to make.

As they began to eat, Ayden suddenly spoke, “Oh Luke, this is so delicious, how much is this sandwich costs?” Luke looks at Ayden weirdly. “What the hell how does he think about paying me money?”

Luke smiled and reassured Ayden, “Well, you’re my little brother now, so don’t worry about it. I have loads of money from winning the previous year’s Premier League, so for a dinner, it’s not much of a problem.”

But Ayden didn’t seem reassured. He started to shake, his eyes filled with fear. “If my father-in-law found out about this, he would be so angry and punish me for eating with a stranger, and will be angrier if he knew that I live with a stranger,” he said, his voice shaking.

“Ayden, don’t worry,” he said, placing a comforting hand on Jake’s shoulder. “I won’t let anyone hurt you, even your father-in-law. If you don’t trust me, that’s okay, you can leave.” then Luke looked at his sandwiches, and said “But please, I already made you these sandwiches. At least eat it till you’re full. You need the energy to survive.”

After dinner, Luke told Ayden “If you want to go, then you can go. But if you want to stay, you can see all of the rooms here, and I’ll give you some of my old outfits if they’re still wearable. If it’s worn out, then I’ll buy you some new clothes tomorrow.”

Ayden replied “You’re like an angel to me, Luke! I’ll stay here for a few days till I can find a place to stay on my own. Thanks for offering me outfits, mine were so old that they ripped here and there.”

Luke went to his old wardrobe in the warehouse, to find old clothes that would fit Ayden. He rummaged through the clothes and finally found a t-shirt that has the “Linkin Park” logo embroidered on it. It reminds him of his teenage’ hard rock’ era when he changes his accessories to the skull and that kind of stuff.

Luke thought to himself “This must be the cringiest moment of my life. I can’t imagine how my parents supported them” then he erupted into laughter. He continues to search for trousers that fit Ayden. Because he was a tall kid, he only had long trousers, which were obviously too long for Ayden.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of breaking glass. “What’s that?” Luke shouted.

He heard nothing. He thought “sounds like a broken glass, I’ll check it”

Luke walked to Ayden who was in the living room and found that the boy had broken his glasses. Luke’s heart sank as he saw the shattered pieces on the floor. The frame snapped off, and it is clear that the lenses are also broken.

“Oh, Ayden, it’s my glasses,” he said, his voice laced with sadness. The glasses were a limited design and only had been sold in a few places.

He tried to hold his anger, and his face turned red. He controls his breath to reduce his frustration from the thought “I just bought those glasses 1 week ago,”

Ayden looked up at Luke with tears in his eyes. “Sorry Luke, it’s not even a day and I broke your glasses.” then he punched his own hands. “I knew it is expensive, and I can’t replace it.”

“Please, just belt me,” he said, his voice shaking with fear and proceeded to take off his t-shirt with tears streaming down from his eyes.

Luke was taken aback by Jake’s request. “What are you talking about, Jake? I would never hurt you,” he said, horrified at the thought. “Wear back your t-shirt Ayden, it’s cold and I don’t wanna get you sick.”

Ayden looked down at his feet, ashamed. “My father-in-law used to hit me when I made mistakes, even for a simple one,” he explained. “I just thought that’s what you would do too because this is a fatal mistake. I’m so sorry Luke.”

Ayden let out his cries and sobbed. He let out a sigh of relief and hugged Luke back, grateful to have found someone who cared about him and would never hurt him.

“Don’t cry, Ayden. I’m fine without it. By the way, I got some T-shirts for you. Wanna look? Come,” Luke said, as he wiped Ayden’s tears from his face and guide him to his warehouse.

Luke had laid down a few old clothes and said “Feel free to choose the t-shirt and pants that you like. Grab it, and bring it to your room.”

Then, Luke leaves Ayden because he wants to search for “old glasses” that may be still in his house. Meanwhile, Ayden was thrilled about the new ‘old’ clothes. It’s much better than his holey ones, and he grabs all of it to his room. He hangs the clothes tidy, so it doesn’t look crumpled.

How does Luke survived without his glasses? He is blind as a bat without it. Can he found old glasses for himself? Stay tuned to the next story in the series of Destiny.

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3 responses to “Destiny #2 – Glasses”

  1. ayden nya ceroboh mlu prasaan


    1. don’t worry nanti di story ke 5 nnti ada ayden jadi hero (spoiler wkwk). Tapi ujung2nya luke yg ceroboh. Tunggu ye lanjutannya tgl 9


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