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My Linux journey: Xubuntu

Guess what? I came back to Linux! And this time I don’t have any intention to distro-hop anymore, because I landed on a comfort system, called Xubuntu. Obviously, it has some things that I don’t like, but it doesn’t broke itself the minute I use it. What a great user experience xD

So, I came back to Linux because when I was installing back Windows, I couldn’t find the Intel DPTF driver. It is a vital driver because it controls the CPU speed, so it has impact directly on the battery life. I couldn’t life without it, because my laptop batteries will die! I search on Google & the official manufacturer website (Acer) and I got a DPTF driver, but when I install them, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Typical Windows experience.

And I came back to Ubuntu-based distro’s because it has the most apps supported on it, ranging from printers to Bluetooth earphones, and it just works. I installed the non-LTS version, so I can get latest XFCE experiences.

screenshoot of my desktop

This is how I set my desktop to look like. I like the preset (for layout) that were offered, so I change it to ‘redmond’ and i got this. There are also options for mimicking MacOS appearance, but I’m not familiar with it.

First thing I did after installing was to get a better Office Suite; WPS Office. I knew it is not open-source and has shady background, but it works. LibreOffice, constantly struggle to open the same .odt file without messing up the text size. I don’t know why.

The second thing I did is to install all available update. And then I replaced Firefox snap with the Debian packages, because with Firefox snap I couldn’t attach a file into the browser.

The third thing I do is to configure custom repositories, like TLP and Firefox and Wine.

Installing wine is a pain in the ass. The dependency hell plagues the system, and it almost make me want to distro-hop again. Fortunately, by following a guide online, I can install it properly. I also installed Lutris, so I can use different wine version if I wish.

Timeshift also didn’t work. It crashed when creating snapshot. Maybe because a dependency didn’t installed, i dunno.

There is a lot can be improved. By default, Xubuntu didn’t came with camera & sound recorder, so it’s hard to test if hardware fails or not. Fortunately, my system sound work.

Overall, I’m pretty good in Xubuntu. I’ve been staying in this system for 2 months, and that’s the longest period I ever stayed in a Linux OS.


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