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A friendship #3 – Become famous

As Kevin and Jack continued to practice and improve their guitar skills, Kevin began to dream of performing in public. He had always loved music and wanted to share his talent with others.

One day, he gathered up the courage to ask Jack about performing on the streets. “Jack, do you think we could ever perform on the streets and make some money?” he asked, his eyes shining with excitement.

Jack was surprised by Kevin’s suggestion, but he could see how much it meant to him. “I don’t know, Kevin,” he said, sounding unsure. “Performing on the streets can be tough. There’s a lot of competition and it’s not always easy to make money.”

“I know it won’t be easy,” Kevin said, his voice determined. “But I really want to do it. I want to share my music with others and see what happens. And I want to do it with you, Jack. We can be a team and support each other.”

Jack smiled and nodded. He could see the passion and determination in Kevin’s eyes, and he knew that he couldn’t let his friend down.

“Okay, Kevin,” he said, grinning. “Let’s do it. Let’s go out there and perform on the streets. We’ll face whatever challenges come our way, and we’ll make our dreams come true.”

As Kevin and Jack prepared for their first performance on the streets, they were filled with excitement and nerves. They put on their best outfits and made sure that their guitar was in good condition.

When the time came, they set up in a busy part of the city and began to play. At first, only a few people stopped to listen, but as they continued to play, more and more people gathered around them.

People were amazed by Jack’s voice, which was like a miracle. He sang with power and emotion, captivating the audience with his talent. And as they played, people began to tip them, showing their appreciation for the music.

Kevin and Jack were thrilled by the response from the audience. They had never felt so alive and so happy. They knew that this was just the beginning, and that their dreams were within reach.

they realized that they needed to focus on their music full-time in order to improve and succeed. So, they decided to drop out of their jobs and focus on their music instead.

Kevin would be the guitarist, while Jack would be the vocalist. They practiced every day, honing their skills and perfecting their sound. And as they worked, Kevin prayed to God, asking for guidance and support on their journey.

At first, things were tough. They struggled to make ends meet and they faced many challenges. But they never lost hope and they never gave up. They continued to play on the streets, and gradually, their talents began to be recognized.

People started to take notice of Kevin and Jack, and they began to get offers for gigs and performances. They were thrilled and grateful, and they knew that their hard work and dedication were finally paying off.

What happen next? Are they able to hold their friendship?


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