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How I improve Samsung Galaxy A10s performance

My Samsung Galaxy A10s are now officially laggy. I can’t run heavy apps like YouTube or even Google search without lag spikes. That’s a sign I need a new phone. But.. this phone not even 3 years old. I’m sure there is something I can do to make this phone more responsive again.

First, I start by updating apps from Play Store & F-Droid. It takes a while & make my phone storage more small, but I didn’t see a performance improvement or even new major feature. That’s fine though.

Second, I start removing apps that I don’t use frequently, like Stumble Guys game. A problem appeared. In Windows, when I removed programs I can use my mind to remove the residual junk it has placed on my system. In Android, I used to know where the residual’s are by going to /data/ file folder & deleting the apps folder carefully.

Unfortunately for me, since Android 10/11, the data folder is now locked, limited only to /data/media/ file folder. To fix that I need root which I don’t want to do because I don’t have time to do the adb thing.

I searched for ‘system cleaner app’ and found some (obviously sussy) cleaner that I’m sure will only put my phone into ads ocean. I found one app that is trustworthy, it is called SD Maid. It is open-source and available on Play Store. Without thinking too much, I decided to buy the pro version. And it works absolutely like a charm. You can clean trash, doing some heavy-file manager operation, or even just batch uninstall apps. I am not promoting it, I just like how the app works.

Onto the next thing (the third one). I was satisfied with the result of SD Maid maintenance. But, playing Roblox is still laggy as hell. Maybe it’s because my phone CPU aren’t up to it? Or something else idk. So, I came to a conclusion:

My phone is not up to date anymore and I need to buy a new one

Fourth, I change my main browser from Firefox to Bromite. This is because naturally Chromium browser feels more fast on my A10s. I still keep Firefox installed because I need the Add-ons for redirecting Reddit -> Libreddit & Sync function to Firefox on my PCs. The downside is Bromite make my phone heat faster, and consumes more battery than Firefox.

Fifth, I disabled Samsung’s battery saving feature, like adaptive battery & auto-optimization. Because this feature make the phone automatically close app in the background when I switch between two or three applications. This is bad because when I switch back to the first app, it will reload the whole app and my data is lost if it isn’t saved.

Sixth, I moved a few apps from phone to SD Card. It will save spaces on internal storage, allowing the phone to use more cache. Unfortunately, the current implementation hasn’t been updated in years, so sometimes after using the ‘Move to SD Card’ feature, the SD Card will become unusable or unmount itself at randomly.

And that concludes today post. If you have some questions, don’t shy to ask in comment section. See you in another tutorial!



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