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Update 10.1 – A notice about copyright

Welcome to Update 10.1, a minor update. In this update I change the copyright stuff & general recommendation about using AAD at the moment. I make this update because lately WordPress had pushed off a big chunks of ads on every website created on their free platform.

Thoughts on ads

As a writer, It’s important that people can access and read my website without distraction. Imagine you open a post on my blog & suddenly being pushed on a food ads that’s totally unrelated. So.. What can you guys (reader) use to circumvent this?

Use Adblock.

By using adblock you’re supporting my work, because I also use them when editing post in WordPress. You also get the extra benefit of not seeing ads, so you’re not distracted. If you don’t want to use adblock, well it’s ok.

Read my site from Bear

Another solution is to read my website from Bear. It’s not fully user-friendly yet, but it’s functional because I’ve moved post from this WP blog to Bear. In the near future (probably 2023) I will move to Bear, leaving WordPress platform.

Copyright on this blog

Copyright is a thing. It allows every individual to protect their works from being copied by people. But, starting from today, I will allow everyone to copy anything from my blog, but it must mention me at least in the quote section.

Previously, I discouraged this behaviour because I want to make my blog content popular. But, after all these years, I learn that writing blog is not about getting viewers, it’s about telling life stories.

I still require anything from my blog to be mentioned so (maybe) they can contact me about it.


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