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Are my blog posts long enough?

There’s no law that says a blog post needs more than one idea or more than one sentence. But… It is still weird. It’s not like a Twitter status or Instagram captions, it’s a blog post, which everyone wrote for a many amount of words.

There is a case where I wrote many blog posts in 1 day, and they’re all have 700 words and above. But there’s also a occasion where I can’t wrote even a single post, stuck on ideas. Well, even now right when I am writing this very post, I am stuck not knowing what to do after this sentence has been written.

On another side, this blog need more often update, because in fact a person in this digital era typically want ‘always-fresh’ content, and any content that have been produced and published since 24h ago will not be relevant anymore.

Here’s where the problem started. Quantity vs quality side. IMHO when compared, the quantity side will win the war. Why? Because while the quality side will ensure that the post quality will gteat, but it may produces no result at all. Meanwhile quantity side will be better, because with many practices of writing post, your post quality will be better over the time.


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