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Update 8 – New website!

It’s finally here! All About Disil is now available on Bear, a blogging platform which focused on simplicity, with no Javascript & minimal CSS usage. If all things goes well, AAD will run ‘parallel’ in WordPress and Bear for some period of time, until all of my readers knew about this.

This is not a simple job, as most of my post has suffered from formatting lost from WP Gutenburg editor. I also need to re-upload all of images & videos to another image hosting, so my new blog does not rely on WP at all. Anyway, this is the changelog of update that occurred on 09 May 2022.


  1. A whole new blog. Visit this blog now!


  1. Nucleare theme is back.
  2. Search widget on sidebar is re-added because I admitted that the search icon on top left side of the blog is not noticeable at all.
  3. I’m taking a break from writing new post in this May.
  4. Navbar is more compact now, like Bear.


  1. The ugly blank canvas theme has been removed.


  1. Sidebar and the widgets
  2. Margins
  3. Formatting issues on interactive pages (like this) especially on mobile
  4. Reduced the amount of ads on initial page load
  5. Search widget is too wide on desktop
  6. Broken ‘read more’ feature
  7. Comments feature on mobile
  8. Navigation Bar on some browser (confirmed: Pale Moon, IE, SeaMonkey)

Known Issues

  1. Page size is becoming 1.4 MB or more

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