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Update 7.1

Following the unexpected changes after Update 7 released, resulting in lost of settings, I have release out-of-band update, Update 7.1 today. Read below for more information about ‘what happened after Update 7 released’.

Update 7 that was released a day earlier (25 April 2022) seems good at the first few hours. But, while I was previewing a blog post for May, I noticed everything has changed. My website lost all of its widgets & top menu. The home page is even worse; it only show a snippet of my latest post, without title or anything. And there is big footer below that: All About Disil — proudly powered by WordPress.

I went ahead to fix the home page, but until this post published it still doesn’t look right in my sight. Margins & page layout is still not good, especially for post that use a lot of eye-candy.

Anyway, this is the changelog of things that occured on 26 April 2022.


  1. Change template from Nucleare to Blank Canvas (not intended)
  2. Move search widget to bottom section of the page
  3. Move top bar navigation to center (on desktop)
  4. Breadcrumb navigation menu (on mobile) is moved to the right side


  1. “Proudly Powered by WordPress” footer. I am no longer satisfied with WordPress.
  2. Featured images on home page. I have removed this because of high bandwidth usages, resulting in a whopping 5 seconds to load my blog


  1. Home page is now only takes about 400kb as opposed to 1.8mb

Known Issues:

All of issues mentioned below is because the unauthorized theme changes so it is not intended.

  1. Sidebar and the widgets is removed
  2. Margins from home page is broken on some browser
  3. Formatting issues on interactive pages (like this) especially on mobile
  4. Too many ads on initial page load
  5. Search widget is too wide on desktop
  6. Broken ‘read more’ feature
  7. Broken comments feature on mobile
  8. Broken Navigation Bar on some browser (confirmed: Pale Moon, IE, SeaMonkey)

Given that many changes in this changelog are because of the themes havoc, I am reconsidering my choices to use WordPress as my blog hosting.

I have explored Bear Blog once again, and it seems they have added some features to it. The roadmap are promising, and because it is open-source, everyone can contribute their code to add features in this platform. They already include caption support, statistics, custom themes, etc. Look at my experiment on Bear Blog here.


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