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Update 7

Seventh update is here. From now and so on, the update post are going back into ‘changelog’ format, like I used to do in the early days of this blog.

This is the complete changelog of the update that I do on 23 April 2022:


  1. Added ‘Android’ categories
  2. Added categories to the old Situs Disil post (in part of AAD Remaster project)


  1. Changed date format from DD-MM-YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD, to reducing confusion for my American viewers. I wont change AM/PM formatting though.
  2. Changed the amount of blog posts shown in every pages from 10 to 5, to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usages
  3. Changed ‘thanks messages’ after someone following my blog
  4. Changed background colors to white with a very subtle light blue addition (#f2f3fc)
  5. Changed update post format to ‘changelog’


  1. Deprecated PWA, because these are useless in terms of usability & performance. See this finely crafted article for more info
  2. Discontinued “Light in Loneliness” story
  3. Removed update schedule
  4. Removed search box in the sidebar, as there are button to search the entire blog in the top right section of the blog
  5. Removed related post images, because these are distracting to the actual project (in part of AAD Remaster project)
  6. Removed comment moderation. I will still delete comment that are too vulgar.


  1. Fixed followers button disappeared because I forgot to move them back after removed newsletter
  2. Fixed FB pages issues on posting AAD post (permission issues)

Known Issues:

  1. The ‘type your email address’ form in subscribe widget is not readable in some cases
  2. Home page is heavy, consuming about 1.8 MB per pages
  3. There is too much empty spaces on every part in this blog (like the spaces between post and sidebar, it is way too big)

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