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Update 6 – discontinuing some stuff

The sixth update is here. There are some changes about post schedule and a start of project, which will last for a long time. Also, I’m discontinuing some useless feature that no one ever use it before starting from March 2022. More info in this post.

1. ‘2022 remaster’ project

Status: Started

Some content on this blog are way too (out)dated, even including some things that did not exist anymore (like Picasa and Google+). In this project I will get rid of them, and remastering some tutorial. Starting from now, I will use color in my tutorial to help user read important information easily. No more post schedule forever, unless somehow I got my free time back.

2. Newspaper

Status: Discontinued

No need to explains why. There’s no one using it, so I will just discontinue the whole service.

3. Tags Overhaul

Status: In progress

Tags will be used again.

4. Redesigned Widgets and Home Page

Status: Completed

Widgets will be used much more less, removing unnecessary distractions from post.


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