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wake up, its 2022

im back! a new content is definitely not ready, or at least, the making of new content is stalled. I haven’t got any new idea since November 2021. months went unnoticed, and now it is 2022. Right now I’m focused on preparation to high school, and I will not be able to write on this blog for quite sometime from now (don’t expect the AAD v2 to became reality in this time).

as time goes by, my knowledge of ‘tech’ stuff is becoming more & more outdated. I know this sentence seems weird… but it’s the reality. right now literally everyone on the internet is talking about NFT and crypto stuff which I don’t want to know yet. I like tech, but not in the current state, so… my intention now is, instead of ‘a blog with latest tech stuff’, I will migrating to ‘a blog with retro tech stuff interest and occasionally latest tech’. its quite enjoyable to make content of old retro tech stuff (from 2010-2016ish), because why not?

the second issues is my free time. because school has started (for real, not online) I can’t allocate more time to blogging now. If it is weekend then I will spend my time to play games, not writing stuff. currentl Im trying a time management apps, which is *kinda* work for now, although I do sometimes get distracted by social media.

so yeah, this is the update of the blog, expect new post to be out on this month. i may sound sarcastic, but hopefully i can fullfill this semi-promise.


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