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Update 5 – A big changes in 2022

This is the fifth update of All About Disil & the last update in WordPress platform. Starting from next year, I will move to a new blogging platform. Read more in this post.

1. Return to the “simpler” time

Status: Almost ready

The new & long awaited All About Disil next generation is confirmed and in heavy-development! After jumping on a few platform (, Blogger, Glitch+Eleventy), I came across a platform called Bearblog. It fits with my expectation; analytics, custom styles, tagging and more. There is no javascript involved, so “ancient pc with ancient browser” will also works perfectly fine. Here is ‘sneak peek’ of the new website:

AAD on bearblog

2. Heavy data usage

Status: Partially solved

I noticed an increase in data usage (in this blog), and I investigate them. After some investigation, the culprit was found, it was “the big banner” that appear on all of my post. To fix them, I simply compress the image so it’ll reduce 60% of the data consumption.

3. Change in Post Schedule

Status: Implemented

School has started for me, and it is now full time (unlike when pandemic which I have a lot of free time). The new post schedule will be based on my activities, so expect new post every 6/7 days.

4. Rebranding

Status: Confirmed

I will do a rebranding on user interface, changing from previously unreadable fonts (Montserrat) to a better one (Roboto). This may be the final rebrand on WordPress platform.


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