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Update 3

Third update is here, a little bit faster than the usual schedule though. This update introduces basic PWA support for All About Disil. Starting from September 2021, we’re stopping support for Internet Explorer 10 and below. Read more about what’s changed in this update here.

1. Browser Support

Status: Changed

Apparently there are (still) someone who accessed All About Disil from their old IE8-10 in Windows XP. Even though technically these browser can display this blog, it’s not recommended because there are a lot of security holes that hasn’t fixed (probably never) by Microsoft in those versions. Starting from September 2021, this is a list of what browser officially supported by All About Disil:

  • Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0 and newer
  • Google Chrome 81.0 and newer (and all other Chromium-based browsers, like Opera, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi and etc.)
  • Pale Moon 29.1.0 and newer
  • Seamonkey 2.56.0 and newer
  • Safari

This is a list of browser not officially supported by All About Disil

  • Internet Explorer 10 and below (IE11 still supported but I recommend you to change)
  • Edge 18 and below (before Chromium version)
  • Android AOSP Browser (all versions)

2. Progressive Web Apps

Status: Basic

All About Disil’s PWA basic support has arrived! Currently it only support Edge Chromium (on Desktop) and Firefox (on mobile). Although it is a PWA, currently these are the only benefits of having them:

  • Faster access (because using shortcut)
  • Have its own window (in desktop) so you don’t have to deal with browser tabs
  • Lighter resources

To use this feature, open Microsoft Edge, and go to All About Disil homepage. Now go to options (3 dots) > Apps > and press “Install this site as an app”. Make sure to select Open as separate window option, and press Install.

To launch it, open your Start Menu and find the shortcut. You can pin them to Desktop or Taskbar.

3. Still sending request for Flash Player usage

Status: Not Solved

For a few browser that still support Adobe Flash plugin (Pale Moon & Waterfox), this website still ask for Flash permissions. That’s not supposed to happen, Flash already unsupported as of January 2021. I’m gonna try for changing theme (because apparently some theme still use Flash for its beauty customization) and see if this works.

4. Newsletter

Status: Changed

The default newsletter sender by WordPress isn’t reliable anymore. Now I use manual forms to manage people subscription.

5. Return to the “simpler” time

Status: Planned

It seems internet is all about getting “complicated” with flashy themes & modern effect. I’m considering to go back into 2010-2015 era’s, where many blogs is simple. Coincidentally with the PWA plans, currently I’m planning to return to Blogger. I knew this was not a simple decision, it requires a lot of work. But yeah, the project has been started.


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