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Between Life & Death – Light in Loneliness #2

Suddenly I found myself in a big mansion. “Hey Kevin, do you want to watch movies this night?”. A bit surprised, because I just woke up, near a private pool. I said “Yea mom, I want to watch horrors”, then suddenly regrets. That is my mom, respawned from death. I run to hug her, she says “Honey whats wrong? Don’t cry, you already 13yo”.

Night has come. My father starting up his lambo car, and told me “cmon, were gonna stuck in traffic!”. “Ok dad, but are you ok? I mean you have cancer right?”. John answered “what the hell are you talking about? Don’t make jokes about health thingy, its bad. We’re together and that’s the only important thing, hop in my car”. My impression was like “ok ok thats weird but still tolerable”.

While driving, my mom told me that I look weird, and she says “do you wear glasses now? I don’t think your eyesight is so bad though”. To prove it, I take my glasses off, and try to read a magazines, and surprisingly it works. I throw my glasses out of car window and said “thanks stupid eye doctor, now get out of my life”. Its another miracle that happens in this night. I can’t believe all of this is real. “Am i died? I don’t know”.

After arriving, I want to pee. My dad said “ok, I think there are ones near the lobby”. I found it, and pee. When I want to flush it, all of a sudden I hear 2 shots of gun launched. I run towards my parents, and shocked. “NOOOOO, dad, mom, wake up, WAKE UP, AAAAHH”. Suddenly I feel an exaggerated pain, seeing a glare light and fainted.


Woke up, and all of a sudden I’m back to my school. Its midnight. I get up, and my vision is blurry. “dang it, wheres my glasses, am I just dreaming or something”. With my poor eyes, I tried to search the glasses. Its not there. Its disappeared like someone has taken it. The next weird thing is, it is midnight. Confused, because “what the hell people doing, they don’t see I sleep here at the hallway or what”. There are some blood on my knees, i don’t know what the causes of that too.

“Who are you? What are you doing midnight? Are you doing drugs?” said by security who walk passes me. I said “no, I just want to found my glasses” and showing my slit eye. “Oh are u lost ur glass, thats bad kid, where did you last saw it before?”. I answered “i dOnT knOw”.


Short story, I was driven home by that security guy. With a glasses that he gives me, at least I can barely see now.


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