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FeatureDev: PWA & its effect to All About Disil

With the PWA features being developed on all major websites, I think it is the good time to start developing this functionality into All About Disil. This will be the major features development in a while (last time I do this is in 2018, when this blog is launched). Currently I’ve been making “concept” for the new apps, it’ll released on the next scheduled maintenance update (30 August 2021).

After this feature is finished, you can “install” All About Disil in your favorite browser on mobile, like Chrome and Firefox. I’m not gonna bother with PWA in Desktop browser (yet), because its gonna take a whole lot of time.

There are many plugins that have this functionality on WordPress, but because this blog still uses the free package, I can’t install plugins. Until this post is published, I haven’t found a single workaround. Interestingly, this is easier on Blogger.

No, I’m not gonna migrate back to Blogger, because its slow development by Google has make me frustrated before. But, at this point I also considering to moving away from WordPress to another blog providers, because this:

  1. Not helpful help center and forums (Even Blogger is better in this)
  2. Too heavy, uses too many resources, and not compatible with older browsers.
  3. A lot of tracking, and non-privacy feature
  4. You can’t modify HTML code of your website, unless you’re subscribing to their premium packages. (Even Blogger allows this)
  5. Restricted source code

This page will be updated frequently, as new information available.


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