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Hi! – Light In Loneliness #1

Hello strangers on the internet. How are you? I hope you are fine and healthy, there are some virus outbreak in this world right now. My name is Kevin Gardner, I am 13 years old, live on Brighton at United Kingdom. This is Light in Loneliness, a story about myself.

Tuesday, 25 July 2015

It is summer in England. Everybody going outside, to beach, to park, doing hiking, bicycling, camping, and any outside activities. How about me? Well, to be honest I don’t get too excited when summer comes, I even slightly hate it. Especially the fact that I need to take care of my dad (John Gardner) on Brighton General Hospital. He has lung cancer stadium IV.

My time management has gotten so bad right now, basically when its night, I would often awake, staying up playing some games and scrolling throughout the feeds of reddit. Then I fell asleep around 2am, and woke up around 9am. I cant change the habits though, I already try it with many different technique, but it didn’t worked.

How about my dad? Well, I need to fund the hospital fees. Its so expensive, that my dad already selling out his car, a house in London, and many more assets. Basically were going downhill, from an almost-wealthy family to almost-broke family. I need to get a jobs, but of course I cant, I’m still 13.

Currently I live in a mini studio, with 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom. Sufficient, but I need to get a better one. Everyday when I woke up, I always had a backache, because my bed -well it sucks. In a not-so-rare condition, I go to school without even showering last night, because sometimes the water is jammed on the waterways (its awkward when you are so stink that no one wants to be near you). Enough story background, let me start the real story now.

Its lunch time in my school. I got some chocolates bar that I bought on a mini mar­ket. I have no friends in school, so yeah, you can call me an introvert, but in a wrong way. I have not even single friend is because some called me “awkward guy with weird glasses”. I don’t know why people call me like that, but yes, I acknowledge that my glasses are weird, because well I’ve used it for about 5 years or so, idk. About the awkward part, well to be honest I feel I never fit into any kind of conversation in my classes though. Any conversation that I start will always end with ignorance.

“wassup awkglass boy, what are you eat? A chocolate? Give it to me, NOW”

He is Zack, you can call him bully. He always grab any valuable things from me. From food, shoes, or even 1 EUR. Few months ago I bought a box of gum, and stolen by him. I also ever bought a pretty good quality socks, he stole it while I was scratching my feet. “Why didn’t you fight him”, well my athletic skill is bad. Far from normal people. I cant even run for 50 meters, it just so exhausting for me. Fighting skill? Of course not, I ever get beaten up so bad by Zack, because not giving him my lunch.

“come on, or I punch you now”

I didn’t answer anything, ignoring him. He looks so angry, and I talk to him “dude calm, let me have my lunch quietly, or I’ll report you to teac—AAH


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