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Update 2 – Categories & Tags Redefined

Second update is finally here! In this update, I overhauled the whole Categories & Tags system on this Blog. Without further ado, let see whats new and changed in All About Disil on today maintenance, July 30 of 2021.

1. Categories Overhauled

Status: Done
Before this update, Categories were in Indonesian Languages. That is not suitable for my new audience, which uses English. So, I renamed all of Categories to English. Additionally, some categories are combined, and now there are only 3 major categories: General, News, and Tutorial. This decision is taken because there was a categories, which only contain one post.

2. Tags Overhauled

Status: In Progress
Currently there are 100+ tags on All About Disil that doesn’t specific to the topic. To reduce complicated things, I decided to delete all tag, then recreate it. Its not done yet in this maintenance.

3. Poor experience on Mobile

Status: Fixed
After several months, I finally found a lightweight themes that looks modern. Now, All About Disil only takes 3 or less seconds to load on mobile browsers, so enjoy reading my post with hassle-free experience!

4. New Logo and Header

Status: Done
In order to spice up All About Disil interfaces, I change the old “D” logo to a new one. Designed on Krita, its definitely high quality. Header are also updated, to make the front page looks more appealing.

5. Adding Featured Images to all Post

Status: In Progress (10%)
Featured Images is recommended by WordPress. Beside for decorations, it also helps slightly with site traffic. I will add Featured Images & alt text to all of my post.


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