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get ready for Light in Loneliness

After several months of hiatus, I’m back with a new story. This will be my first full-english story i made in my blog. As with other stories in this blog, this series will gonna be a continuous (long) story. I will release it every week, not 3 days, because that is too forced, which will gonna cause a decrease in the story quality.

The story is about a teenager life in United Kingdom. He is from a not-so-poor family, but depressed because all of his friends died in a bus crash. He used to be active in his school activities, but now isnt. He want to fix his life, reorganizing every aspect of his life, but he’s confused where to start. His dad are fighting cancer, while his uncle are crazy about our family property, because it is in a ideal places.

Will he gonna fight all of this bad things? Or becoming hopeless and doing criminal? Found out in this story, which is called Light in Loneliness, starting from August 2021, only at All About Disil.


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