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Update 1 – Layout

First update of All About Disil (in new schedule). In this update, I’ll improve some layout in this site. Without further ado, let see whats new in All About Disil on today maintenance, March 27 of 2021.

1. Low Pagespeed Insights Score

Status: Mitigated, Not Solved

Yesterday, I found out that All About Disil is scored poorly on Pagespeed Insight test by Google. It only scored 43 on the tests. After some observation, I found that the site is too heavy, especially with many elements like header picture and sidebar. To fix this issues, the theme of this website is temporarily changed into the simple one, Penscratch 2 theme. For now, the score on Pagespeed Insights is 70 on desktop (medium).

2. Poor experience on Mobile

Status: In Progress

In my testing, All About Disil website needs 5 seconds to load on Chrome mobile. That is bad. I’m not able to find a way to fix it. Already trying to remove unnecessary image, but that does not help. It seems WordPress have too many third-party trackers behind the page, and it slows down the website.


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