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english post is here

I already said this kind of thing in the past, maybe in 2018, but that thing not happen, because my english skill is noob xD, actually my skill now *still* not good, so sorry for bad grammar guys. Anyway if u guys have noticed that my text is a bit cringe you can comment below so my english gonna be better!

I will not gonna use formal english in my blog, either using British english. Here I will use english for every everyday talking, like my Indonesian post do. In the future, maybe I’ll make a series of fictional stories in english language.

If you guys wondering why I want to make english post here, it’s because I want to increase my english skill a lot. There is an blog that said to increase english skill, you must speak it, hear english song, watch english video without subtitles, and make a text in english.

Thanks for read my little info here. My english post schedules is per 1 week or 2 week. Goodbye, and stay safe everyone! See you in next post!


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